Dr. Karen Gless, PH.dWelcome to the best in couples, and Sex therapy

Dr. Gless has a doctorate in psychology, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and has her Bachelor of Science in Nursing which, gives her an understanding of physiology. Along with specialized training in sex therapy, she has advanced education in hypnotherapy and is a certified hypnotherapist.

about dr. karen gless


DR. KAREN GLESS PhD, LMFT, RN, is a therapeutic innovator and author, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a registered nurse with over 20 years in a successful psychotherapy practice. In her career she is now emphasizing sharing the latest amazing discoveries about what works in relationships.

Dr. Gless strives to help couples understand their relationship more deeply and fashion the tools they need to create healthy, happy, fulfilling relationships. Because she sees relationships as a natural crucible for growth, transformation and creativity, she has helped many couples understand their relationship in new ways so that they can resolve their conflicts and grow together. She emphasizes looking for what goes right in a relationship not just what goes wrong.

She always asks herself, “How can I help couples grow and realize the potential of their unique relationship?”

Every relationship is an opportunity for growth and creativity because the two partners are very different from everyone else and so the relationship they create together is unique. She uses trance sessions as a special way of unlocking individual and shared creativity. She has written many articles on relationships, appeared on TV shows, given internet interviews and has even been quoted in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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