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Feeling good about yourself is the foundation of a successful life.


Anxiety Treatment in San Diego, CA

If you suffer from debilitating panic attacks, persistent worry, fears or phobias, or generalized anxiety, help is available. Sex Therapy Doctor provides anxiety treatment services in a caring and professional environment.

When Anxiety Takes Over

Many people feel anxious from time to time. But when feelings of anxiety occur regularly and begin to interfere with your job, relationships, or other aspects of your daily life, it’s time to pursue professional anxiety treatment.

Here to Help

Sex Therapy Doctor works to help patients better understand and manage the physical and psychological effects of anxiety disorders. Through personalized treatment, Sex Therapy Doctor can examine the causes of your anxiety, analyze the emotions associated with it, and reveal how you can change the resulting negative thoughts and behaviors. Sex Therapy Doctor's goal is to help you experience freedom from the debilitating effects of anxiety disorders and improve your quality of life.
Don’t let anxiety stand in the way of pursuing your goals. Call today to make an appointment and learn more about how anxiety treatment might help you.


Treatment For Depression in San Diego, CA

Depression is much more than just feelings of sadness, and Sex Therapy Doctor understands this, which can help you get the treatment for depression that you need. If you live in San Diego, CA, and are suffering from depression, let one of our qualified professional assist you in overcoming this debilitating mental illness.

Living a Happier Life

In order to live a healthy life amid depression, we believe that a person must learn how to live life on life's terms. We'll show you how to handle the inevitable situations that come your way with a new perspective. Your mental health is of the utmost importance to us, so you'll be treated with a sense of empathy that will allow you to open up about your troubles.
Whether your depression is triggered by stress, sex, or a crisis, Sex Therapy Doctor will strive to help you get through it. We are a fully licensed and insured practice in San Diego. To learn more about possible treatments for depression, call us today.



* Relationship Problems
* Conflict in Marriage
* Lack of Sexual Desire
* Orgasmic Difficulties
* Sex Addiction
* Incest/Abuse Survivors
* Impotence
* Premature Ejaculation
* Depression
* Anxiety


* Couples Therapy
* Marriage Counseling
* Gay and Lesbian Couples Therapy
* Individual Therapy
* Sex Therapy
* Hypnotherapy
* Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
* Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


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I look forward to being of help. Please contact me by calling my office or email me.

My address is:

Karen Gless, Ph.D.
3660 Clairemont Drive, Suite 9
San Diego, California 92117

Karen Gless Ph.D.


2004 Out Standing Chapter Leader - San Diego Chapter of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
Member of CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists)
Licenses: License # RN 260239 MFC21423

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC21423), and a Registered Nurse. Since 1985 I have had a successful practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist. My focus is on brief therapy whenever possible.


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