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OUR Satisfied Customers

I have been enjoying the mp3s. Normally it is hard for me to set aside time for things like this but with these it’s different.  They are so relaxing that yesterday I sat in a chair and still went very deep. I am happy to report that I am lasting longer and I have more desire for her now that I am not worrying about disappointing her. 


San Diego, CA

I have only been listening to the sessions for 2 weeks yet already my wife tells me sex is a lot better. Now I can get turned on without losing it immediately


Omaha, NE

I really like your voice. The problem is after a few minutes I can’t remember what you said. And the weird thing is it seems to be working anyway.  I don’t get as nervous around my girlfriend so we have started making love again.  I am even less anxious at work around my boss.


St Louis, MO